Altai is a tool making MICS document creation incredibly easy.
It just takes some milliseconds to create full MICS document based on the ICD file provided.
Nothing else is needed, just drop the file!

True processor

Unlike many XSLT or JS tools Altai does true processing of the file using additional IEC 61850 standard information to provide the MICS file in the way it should look like as per UCA template. It shows all extensions compared to the standard. Additionally it does simple consistency check of the ICD file uploaded.

Additional developer tools

ICD file creation is a hard work requiring exceptional attention and concentration. But when your working day finishes how do you remember things you were working on? We bet you'd really like to put a sticky note inside your ICD file as a reminder for future work. And we have provided them!

Just put "TODO:", "FIXME:" or "CHANGED:" inside description ("desc" attribute) of an element, and you will see it highlighted in the MICS. Just like this:

Logical Device: SYSTEM
LN Class LN type LN Name LN description Notes
G: Generic function references
GGIO GGIO_t TKVLGGIO1 FIXME Request access to full version to be able to create full MICS document.
L: System logical nodes
LLN0 LLN0_t LLN0 CHANGED This file have been created to demonstrate sticky note about changes that were made to the file.
LPHD LPHD_t LPHD1 TODO Upload your own ICD/CID file to check how it works!

Provide notes and remarks

Remember the MICS template has special «remarks» field, that could be used for some notes. We have enabled Altai to provide those field too: just add «note» attribute in private namespace (etkvl by default) and Altai shall put that note into the remarks field of respective element.

Remember, you can use TODO, FIXME and CHANGED notes in those fields too.

Demo-version limitations

Guest mode of Altai lets you create only a part of MICS document. It provides a full list of Logical Nodes in Logical Devices, but cuts the number of Data Types described by three for each group: LogicalNodeType, DataObjectType and DataAttribute type. Note, that full version provides full description for all available objects and attributes.


Who is Altai for?

We expect that Altai could really be helpful for the developers and test-engineers dealing with IEC 61850 and particularly SCL-files. Altai provides necessary form of MICS document required for UCA Level A/B certification and goes beyond adding some additional features like TODO marks. Besides that Altai provides easy navigation which lets you explore an ICD file in a convenient and natural way.

Does Altai provide SCL syntax check?

Not really. Only basic consistency check is provided enabling Altai to build data model for the MICS file. No special Schema Validation or whatsoever is provided at the moment. But! If you suppose you need it, please let us know by filling in the contact form.

Is my file processed on the server or locally?

Altai processes the ICD files on the server-side. The file, uploaded to the server is kept available for 20 minutes, so that you could share the link to the MICS document of the file with your colleagues around the globe. After 20 minutes access to the file is locked.

Is that secure? What would you do with my ICD-file?

As one might have seen in our Terms and Conditions, we keep the right to use ICD file uploaded for testing and development of the Service (i.e. Altai) only. Which means that we won’t distribute the file to any third-parties and make it publicly available. We also take the best effort to provide security of the files uploaded to the server eliminating risks.

How do I see full version of the MICS?

You can request a free-demonstration via our contact form or just dropping us an email

What are the terms for full access?

The service is available on a subscription basis for 3, 6 or 12 month. You would be able to choose either limited or unlimited file uploads within the subscription period.

I am the representative of a test-lab. Could we use Altai for MICS generation for our customers?

Yes! We have a special offers for UCA Level A and Level B test labs, who can provide customers with additional benefits like MICS generation.